Fight Or Yield

by Conjuror

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Nine crushing hymns for battle and ritual in a full color digipak featuring cover art by Frank Frazetta
    and an illuminated text lyric book featuring artwork from Caleb May (Stonehaven) and Dylan Kuhn (Novelty Cross)

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The First Full-Length Release, FIGHT OR YIELD - The Squabble that Commenced Eternally

Nine crushing hymns for battle and ritual in a full color digipak featuring cover art by Frank Frazetta


released August 18, 2016

Fight or Yield was recorded from early 2014 to late 2015 by Lurk in the Lair of Lurk. Additional vocal tracks were engineered by Jules Leon and Robert Foster

Conjuror is Troll, Howls of Triumph and Battleaxe

Set, Entropic Screeches and the Broadsword

Lurk, Aural Hierophant, Cave Growls, and Mystic War Drums



all rights reserved


Conjuror Los Angeles, California

Pre-Christian War Metal

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Track Name: Fortnight
The battle is ebbing closer
confrontation, brooding war
Close behind me drums are beating
soon there'll be blood
soon there'll be gore
Falling arrows kill all surrounding
shedding blood and spilling lives
Blades unsheathing all around me
ward off the glaive and the tip of the knife

bring forth the siege towers and scaleth their curtain wall

High is the tide to attack as they fall back
Into their gates
Release the Trebuchet
For every mistake another toll of their death is paid
took your castle in a fortnight
Spear in hand,
Laid waste to your land!
Track Name: Fight Or Yield
Draw your sword
Lift your mace
Battles are won
by the power of faith
lend an ear
lose an eye
you will not run
You'll fight 'til you die

Stand and fight
Hold your ground
Inner truth
must be found
Sword and Shield
Fight or Yield
Valour proven
on the field

Fires burning,
burning high
Circling vultures
litter the sky
glory and virtue,
honour and pride
can only exist
when combat is nigh
Track Name: Discerning The Transmundane
Face melting fire
doth reveal my desire
to crack the face of Nirn
and draw about its earthly yolk
Blackest alchemies
I contort like the seasons
with scrolls unfurled
I'll unravel the world
and as I take another soul
I excrete ectoplasm
Necromancy is merely the tip
of an iceberg of power that sits
beyond the realm of space and time
at the very small cost of your mind
To contain the darkest power
held deep in this Tower
Unlock your mind
allow yourself the truth to find
conveluded is the path
of steel, shadow, and spirit
Machinations guard endlessly
memories within bloods facsimile
fractal nature of Insanity
the infliction which contaminates my soul

From the beyond
I'll know your lost unknown and rise to your depths
collapsing around
the stone, it crumbles 'neath my feet
Into a Ghostly sea

Plunging below
through the tunnels of ice
The Glacial ruin leads me
to a place so dark
you need not eyes to see
yet I make it through, unscathed
the Blackest of Reaches

(the wretched abyss)
And who is this now?
Could it be, a worthy emissary?
and is that my book that you possess?
How delightful indeed
you've fought through all hell and stood fast in the face of evil
and left all who stood in your path, left them in ruins
All power and knowledge is yours
My new Champion's arose
for I am the prince of the unknown
Hermaeus Mora
Track Name: The Rite (To Conjure)
The augurs of spring
gather in the hills
the offerings they bring
abducted by earth
They dance and they sing
celebration begins in glee..

(ritual of light)
the stars align
to conjure the summoner

Beings of the deep
rise through the earth
an offering of life
on the altar of death
rebirth of the day
Through consecration of the night

(Evocation of the beast)
the might to conquer
the rite to conjure

hear it sing
spread its wings
believe in your sight
and the reality of a world beyond

Demons of the night
congregate while you sleep
and now that they're free
I await the end
The light of the day
is thwarted
Through Satan!
Track Name: Giga Shadow
Fall 'neath the Shadow of thee insect overlord
Devine is his presence as he devours our world
Countless of millions fall in an orgy of death
The Giga Shadow is the beginning and the end.

Prepare for the cleansing, and the rebirth
The sprawl of the Cluster
I still hear the screams of one billion souls
reduced and fed to the Shadow.

In the Light Universe
I was dark
Perhaps in the Dark
I'll be light
Track Name: To Become A Werewolf
the white gleam of the moon
leads me through the forests gloom
a spectral wolf stalks me
and leads me to his tomb
darkness fills my heart
as I enter the abyss
my mortal soul engulfed
as I seep into the pit

to become a werewolf
to belong to the night
unleash the fiend within
possessed by the moon

full blood moon
the change is now complete
human hands replaced
by the claws of the beast
I am the Alpha wolf
I teach Beta to kill
as leader of the pack
I shift my shape at will
Track Name: Kingdom Of Poseidon
Underneath the trident
far beyond the waves
lies the kingdom of Poseidon
trust in him, go forth, conquer
Into the drink with false defilers
they will succumb
Raise the sails
No force on earth can
snuff our fire
We live to die

Clouds above me
Waves below me
Track Name: Swallowed By Darkness
Embraced by the night
The smell of day
Long forgotten
Swallowed by darkness
Palace of misery

The Power to kill
Have I become a monster?
Endless my Hunger
Life, I take so easily

Swallowed by Darkness
Hallowed by Hate

Thirst quenched by death
Blood, the only warmth I know
The price to be immortal
I paid with my humanity

Alone in this blackness
so cold my heart has grown
Bewitched by a maiden
my spell controls her mind
Her hair red like fire
Her flesh pale as Moon
Our souls burned like cinders
Our hearts became entwined
She asked for my dark Gift
She begged to join the Night
The only gift I ever gave Her
was to let her die

World without end, We shall dance again
Track Name: Will To Power
straight down
a mountain!
Feel the fire inside
Tall as the wind
and stronger
than all that you know

What good is the sword against sorcery?
the answer a mystery shall remain
Until one takes hold and wields it
the answer is always the same

Desire equals power
Denial beckons defeat
This world, the will to power
and nothing in between